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ASU, UA, NAU collaborate at annual AzSEC conference

Students from Arizona's three public universities gathered at the Arizona Student Energy Conference (AzSEC) at Arizona State University to discuss the future of renewable energy science. Students presented cutting-edge research which included work on new photovoltaic technologies, the power grid system, and new programs dealing with energy policy and its implementation. The annual conference is made possible by ASU LightWorks. view here

ASU partnership promotes renewable energy in West Africa

ASU College of Technology and Innovation faculty are partnering with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) to further implement renewable solar photovoltaic energy system certification programs in West African countries. The ASU/IRENA team plans to provide the training needed to meet the demand for solar energy technicians in these developing nations. view here

Arizona universities collaborate to grow algae from wastewater

Arizona universities are working together to turn the state’s waste to gold – or at least renewable fuel. As part of an Arizona Board of Regents-funded project, students and researchers from Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona are collaborating to grow algae using wastewater. The algae can then be harvested to create fuel, feed and food products. view here

Research partnership to bring cutting-edge solar technology to ASU

Solar-generated electricity, which can suffer from intermittency issues and related impacts on the grid, is about to blossom at Arizona State University. Work will now begin on the development of a hybrid concentrated solar system, following a contract signing with ASU and AORA to provide research expertise in order to enhance the efficiency of this unique technology. view here

AZ’s new energy plan discussed at Solar Summit

The Arizona Solar Summit IV featured the first public unveiling of the state’s new master energy plan, emPOWER Arizona: Executive Energy Assessment and Pathways. Governor Jan Brewer signed the executive order on February 18, making it the state’s first comprehensive energy plan in 20 years. The Arizona Solar Summit was hosted by ASU LightWorks, ASU SkySong, the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, and was sponsored by NRG. view here

ASU engineers to lead ARPA-E solar projects

The Advanced Research Projects Agency—Energy (ARPA-E) recently announced the allocation of $30 million in funding for 12 projects selected to conduct research for the Full-Spectrum Optimized Conversion and Utilization of Sunlight (FOCUS) program. ASU LightWorks’ deputy director Steven Goodnick and ASU assistant professor Zachary Homan will lead two research teams in support of FOCUS to develop cutting-edge solar energy technology projects. view here

Slate covers “Rescuing Climate Policy” panel at ASU

Slate Magazine recently published an article covering the “Rescuing Climate Policy” panel held at the Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University on Feb. 5. The panel discussed opportunities to push renewable energy policy forward in order to combat climate change. ASU LightWorks Director Gary Dirks was a panelist and commented that the era of low-cost fossil fuels is reaching its end. view here

ASU solar projects will receive $6.5M from DOE

Two solar energy projects led by Arizona State University will receive up to $6.5 million from the U.S. Department of Energy. The projects are a part of the DOE’s Full-Spectrum Optimized Conversion and Utilization (FOCUS) program which aims to develop new hybrid solar energy converters. Steve Goodnick, deputy director of ASU LightWorks, was interviewed about ASU’s breakthrough solar cell technology. view here


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